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The occasion dresses fit each of us, and highlight our most beautiful features. Occasion dresses are distinguished by outstanding tailoring and exquisite details. They are accessorized with a veil, embroidery or lace, and have inserts of rhinestones or excquisite decorative stones, they are made of fine, versatile materials, one color or more colors, they attract attention and bring a touch of originality, distinguishing through a mixture of simplicity, refinement and finesse!

The secret of elegance and refinement is the precious mixture of various details and luxurious materials. One of the materials that is unequivocally trendy is the lace that offers class and distinction to every woman! The lace is a sophisticated and delicate material, ideal for an elegant and refined outfit. If we refer to tailoring, the mermaid dresses are very searched and at exclusive parties, the occasion dresses in a mermaid style are always the perfect choice!

If you want to have a perfect outfit, or if you want to shine whatever special event you have, we strongly recommend you an occasion dress from the JRV Exclusive Couture collection!

We invite you to the online store JRVshop.eu to find the special occasion dress that represents you!


JRV Exclusive Couture OCCASION DRESSES The occasion dresses are distinguished by a special tailoring and exquisite details, they are accessorized with veils, embroidery or lace, and they have inserts of rhinestones or decorative stones, they are made of fine, versatile materials.
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Online store Fashion occasion dresses
Women's clothing occasion dresses online

Occasion Dress Ladonna

Spectacular evening dress, made of sophisticated black lace accessorized with delicates sequins, it is a dress with a unique design, offered by the removable waist belt with fringe.
PRICE: 125 Euro


Online store Fashion occasion dresses
Women's clothing occasion dresses online

Occasion Dress Victoria

Maxi dress made of black veil and tull, accessorized with sequins and original applications, disposed as an spectacular arrangement, and it has a chic bow in the waist.
PRICE: 114 Euro