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Prom Dress Ryta Blue

Old price: 237 Euro - Discount 55% !!!
PRODUCT NO.: JRV-EU 000 6766
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  • Prom Dress Ryta Blue.

    Maxi dress, made of delicate blue veil, with a special design offered by the folds of the bust and sleeves, padded enough for "no bra" option and has concealed zipper up the back. It's a fancy prom dress, with a special vintage design, ideal for a unique prom festivity outfit.

    Fabric: Silk, Satin.


    Attention! The sizes are NOT standard! For choosing the right size, please measure and study the table sizes, with dimensions in cm for bust, waist and hips, which you can find next to every product at TABLE SIZE!

    Now it's easy to measure!
    Now it's easy to measure!

        To choose the right size, you can see our instructions here. Below you will find a size chart, described in cm, needed to determine easier the perfect measure for you. You can only measure the bust, waist and the hips, and confronting the chart below, you will know exactly what measure you should choose. You can choose the right size simply and carefree!

    Size US AU/UK Bust Waist Hip
    XXS 04 06 81cm-84cm 66cm-69 cm 89cm-91cm
    XS 06 08 86cm-89cm 71cm-73cm 94cm-96cm
    S 08 10 91cm-94cm 76cm-79 cm 99cm-101cm
    M 10 12 96cm-99cm 81 cm-83 cm 104cm-106cm
    L 12 14 101cm-104cm 86cm-90 cm 109cm-112cm
    XL 14 16 106cm-111cm 91 cm-94cm 114cm-117cm
    XXL 16 18 112cm-116cm 96cm-99 cm 119cm-122cm
    How to measure?

    Bust - measure the circumference of your chest, the most prominent part just below your arm.

    Hips - measure the widest part , the circumference of both hipbones.

    Waist - measure the narrowest place of the body, the circumference just above your belly button.



    - When you measure the circumference of certain body parts, the centimeter should not tight you;

    - Take measures twice. If the difference between the two results obtained is less than 1cm, the average result is correct, but if the difference exceeds 1cm, it's good to repeat the measurements to be sure you chose correctly.


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    3. An item can be sent back and we give you the value of the product within 15 days of the receipt and verification.


    For exchange or refund you must complete the exchange/return form, which specifies all your details.


    For points number 1. and 2. it is very important to know that exchange is possible only once per order.


    The shipping costs for the return or for the exchange of the item are supported by the client.


    To register an application for exchange/refund click here: Form for exchange/refund


    Terms of return:

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    1. Send us a REQUEST OF RETURN completing the request form. After we receive your request, we will contact you in approx. 48 hours via email and we will send all the information and details of the address where you have to return the item.

    2. The returned item must reach us in perfect condition, just as you received: clean, labels intact and free from tampering, to not show any signs of lipstick, odors of detergent, etc., to be in the original packaging, just as came to you, and to not show any signs of being worn. Carefully check each item, and if the returned item shows any sign of being worn, unfortunately, we will have to refuse your return.

JRV Exclusive Couture Prom Dress Ryta Blue Prom Dress Ryta Blue Maxi dress, made of delicate blue, with a special design offered by the folds of the bust and sleeves, fancy prom dress, with a special vintage design, ideal for a unique prom festivity outfit. Cod produs: JRV-EU0006766
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Price: 105 105Euro JRV Exclusive Couture
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