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Textile labels
Custom labels printed on a textile material suitable for clothing and for other textile products.
Plastic seal tags
Custom seal tags 3D for clothing items and other textile products!
Hang tags
Custom hang tags for textile products such as clothes, shoes, various clothing accessories and more!
Woven labels
Digital embroidered textile labels with customized name suitable for textile products.
Leather labels
Custom leather labels or imitation leather labels for clothing, footwear and other products.

How to buy

We created the simplest method where you can make purchases online:

How to buy
How to buy
Shipping by DPD Economy Express for all European Union countries 17 Euro (shipping time 3-6 days)!

We launched a new online shop concept, where the authentication and the opening of an account on the site is not necessary. You are free to shopping, you'll be able to order quickly, without losing minutes to create your account!

On the page of each item you will find detailed information about:

  • The size of the item in question and tips for choosing the right size for you;
  • The price, the term and shipping;
  • The conditions for the return of the item if you no longer want it.

The payment can be fulfilled through one of the following options: PayPal, credit card or via bank transfer in our bank account.

Registration order

    Have you seen a dress that interests you? Then select the right measure after you have consulted the sizes guide displayed on each page of the item, and click on the "Add to cart" button. In a moment the selected item will be already in your shopping bag.

    If you wish to view other dresses and continue shopping, you can surf the other pages of the site and your selected items won't get lost but will be already saved in your bag.

    If you have finished shopping, go to your bag and click "Place order". Here you can see and verify the added items, you can make changes or give up an item that you do not like.

    Fill in the order form with all your identification data for the invoicing and shipping. Read the terms and the conditions of the site, then click "Send order".

Confirmation order

    Upon completing the order, within 24 hours (except holidays) you will receive an email information about the item availability, shipping and an invoice that must be paid. After the receipt of the payment, the item you ordered will be delivered accurately.


    Our facebook page www.facebook.com/jrv.exclusive is very interactive, so we can get to know better! Here you can see all the news, and we can offer any feedback about JRV Couture Exclusive items!

    Please like before releasing an order to study our items to make sure you have made the right choice! It is very important to browse the sections on table sizes, shipping, return, and when placing the order to know the terms and the conditions of our store!

    Order the desired items easily and quickly!


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